The Biggest WordPress Conference of its kind in Israel

Around 800 people are planned to attend the conference, whom will be able to listen to lectures by over twenty of the leaders in the field. They will each give a full one-hour frontal lecture – during which there will be a Q&A portion where you can ask and discuss common issues and problems.

Who is it for?

For Developers, website builders, designers, webmasters, content managers, marketing and all people who live and breathe WordPress and have the a desire to learn, improve, and identify new business opportunities.

The conference will be divided into two compounds: WP-Dev and WP-Manage.
Conference participants are able to visit either one of the areas.


The lectures will talk about Innovations in the field of characterization of large websites, security, mobile, development environment, speed and site optimization, multilingual websites, WordPress e-commerce, case studies and much more…


The lectures will talk about Innovations in the field of promotion, correct creation and management of content, full utilization of WordPress capabilities, marketing, design, integration with social networks, case studies and much more…



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