Weglot is the WordPress multilingual plugin to translate and display your website in any languages.

Completely different from historical players with a unique technical approach, and a continuous focus on user experience, Weglot offers a solution

– easy to use and set-up: no code or source files manipulation required, it only takes 2 minutes to configure.

– 100% compatible: no compatibility issues with other Themes or Plugins, as Weglot is agnostic to the sources of content.

– SEO optimized: following Google SEO multilingual best practices, automatically creating unique URL for each language and translating SEO tags.

– multiple sources of translation: machine translation (automatically provided at subscription) that users can edit through a unique dashboard, themselves or by involving team members, as well as professional (PRO agencies directly plugged with Weglot).

– light and performing: the API approach avoids slowdowns, Weglot doesn’t overcharge your WordPress installation.

Discover the new solution for multilingualism in WordPress, already trusted by more than 10,000+ users, on the Directory or, directly on the website