Press For Word 2019

The Biggest WordPress Conference in Israel

A variety of lectures where you can learn and hear from the leading experts in Israel and the world
Familiarize yourself with all the innovations in the field, participate in panels, learning groups and
connect with hundreds of people who live and breathe WordPress

About the Conference

Following fantastic success in its previous years, this will be the fourth year of the Press4Word Conference.

The conference will take place on Thursday, the 12th of September, in Kfar Maccabiah, Ramat Gan.

Hundreds of participants and dozens of lecturers are expected to attend.

The conference is divided into two lecture areas covering various fields, and you can feel free to bounce from either side, This way you can custom fit your needs and preferences.

We encourage you to build a personal lecture agenda for the conference day!

About the conference 

This year, as part of a holistic view and after years of experience, we’ve decided that it’s time to move forward…

We live in a world of multitasking, in which a website builder is not only a developer but also has to be a marketer, project manager, UX/UI expert and sometimes even a bit of a designer. Therefore, this year’s conference offers its guests two different spaces full of everything you need, divided by knowledge level.

The conference includes a variety of professional lectures where you can learn from the experts in their fields – from Israel and abroad, participate in panels and get to know hundreds of people who live and breathe in WordPress!

Who’s it for?

Software Developers | Site Builders | Project Managers
Web Entrepreneurs | 
Startups | Webmasters | Marketers | Designers
Promotion, and Branding People | Content Managers

And Anyone Who Loves WordPress and Digital!

The conference is divided into two areas:

The WP-Basic Compound
For the inquisitive, beginners and people who want to know everything

Are you a leader in your current sector and continually strive to learn new things?
The WP-Basic Compound is right for you – for all the questions you've always wanted to ask
And answers to questions you did not think of.
Our speakers will expand your horizons and introduce you to a variety of new worlds.

The WP-Advanced Compound
For the leaders, and, those who have forgotten more than we have learned in life

For the geniuses. The know it all's.
Those that are sure there's nothing new to learn under the sun.
Does nothing surprise you anymore?
The WP-Advanced Domain is here prove to you that there is always something new to learn.
Let's hear our lecturers blow your mind with so much knowledge
that you will really know everything by the time it's over.